Huskemaw Blue Diamond Riflescope

The Huskemaw 5-20 Rifle Scope is the most advanced Ballistic Compensating rifle scope available. With technical advancements like the patented True BC, the Rapid Field Ballistic Compensator and our simple yet powerful wind compensating reticle (US Patent 8365455). The 30mm main tube, 50mm objective lens, and side focus parallax correction dial make the 5-20 LR scope an outstanding choice for both varmint hunters and target shooters. It also includes special features for the big game hunter. Ballistic compensation and parallax adjustments are easily made without breaking shooting position, and the 50mm objective lens creates a bright, clear image for high magnification and low light use.

Huskemaw Blue Diamond 5-20×50 Rifle Scope Features

  • Extreme durability utilizing 30mm and 34mm main tubes
  • Blue Diamond lens coatings for superior light transmission and color separation
  • Precision machined internal components for precise adjustment and repeatability
  • Highly functional power ranges for variable field applications
  • Bedded lenses
  • 1/3 or ½ MOA click values for maximizing elevation and wind compensation per revolution

Lifetime of Durability
The Huskemaw rifle scopes come with a lifetime warranty and the heavy duty construction tubes are waterproof and shockproof. Huskemaws are designed to withstand the harshest environmental conditions and durable enough to handle any impacts. Planning a hunt in some of the most extreme conditions? No problem!

High Image Quality
Most scope manufacturers hype the light transmission lens coatings, and overall image quality to try to differentiate their high-end products from their low-end offerings. We designed the optical system and the coating specifications to compete with the best, and with the Huskemaw 5-20, you have a scope that compensates for your systems Ballistic Profile, not one reticle that’s supposed to fit all trajectories. For each customer, we build a Custom RFBC Turret that precisely compensates for your load’s bullet drop and windage.

Technical Innovation
Our rifle scope was designed and built by hunters for hunters. Our philosophy dictated a rugged construction of the highest quality, along with real improvements that double the effective range over any competing product. It all adds up as the best rifle scope for long range or precision hunting, backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

Huskemaw Hunting Optics

The Huskemaw team is continually developing new and innovative products that incorporate practical solutions to varying field conditions. An example of this is our new “interlocking turret” which can be configured to each customer’s specific needs. We encourage everyone to spend time at the range becoming familiar and proficient with their shooting system. Your Huskemaw scope will open up a whole new world in your hunting success. The ethics of long range hunting has been and will continue to be debated on a number of fronts. Our take, each hunter must establish their own ethical boundaries and become more of a precision shooter for all shots regardless of distance. Looking for a different Huskemaw rifle scope? Check our our entire line of Huskema Riflescopes.

See What Other Long-Range Shooters Are Saying. . .

I bought this rifle and ever since I have owned it it has shot great  living up too its accuracy guarantee. I shot this deer at 805 yards and the bullet was exactly where I was aiming. I want to thank the guys at IN-RUT rifles for a great rifle that I can rely on and the quality is near too none. I will buy many more in the near future!

Jeff W.

My mule deer hunt was a success because the boys at IN-RUT rifles made me a great gun to take my trophy mule deer at 725 yards! The quality of this gun exceeds my expectations and it really does punch three holes into one!

Mark D.

I received my 280 Ackley Improved In Rut Rifle this past spring, just prior to finding out I had drawn a once in a lifetime mountain goat tag. I settled on a load with a 150 gr. Barnes TTSX, that consistently shoots under 1″ at 300 yards. When I finally got my opportunity, it was 280 yards and I needed to anchor the goat so he would not fall in a place we could not retrieve him. At the shot he went straight down, dead before he hit the ground. The confidence in knowing your rifle will put the bullet exactly where you want it is worth every penny!

Mike M.

I bought my first in-rut rifle in .264 win mag in the fall of 2017 just in time for Mule Deer season. The gun was scary accurate grouping shots well into Sub-moa with factory loads. I love the gun so much I bought two more since then.  All three guns are insanely accurate and are first class in fit, finish, and quality.  My .300 wsm shot .25 inches at 350 yards.   I carried my .300 wsm on a recent Dall Sheep & Mountain Caribou combo hunt in the NWT.  I was able to harvest my Dall sheep at just over 360 yards and my Mountain Caribou at 225 yards. Both shots went right where I was aiming and anchored the animals where they were standing. If you’re looking for long range accuracy with factory ammo you don’t need to look any further than In-Rut Rifles.

Mike LeClair CEO Babcock Power
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We guarantee that every rifle we produce will shoot 1/2″ MOA at 100 yards in 30 caliber or smaller and 1″ MOA at 100 yards anything over 30 caliber. We shoot ever rifle before it leaves our facility.

Long Range Rifles With 1/2" MOA | In Rut Rifles


We guarantee that every rifle we produce will shoot 1/2″ MOA at 100 yards in 30 caliber or smaller and 1″ MOA at 100 yards anything over 30 caliber. We shoot ever rifle before it leaves our facility.

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