Custom Hunting Rifles From IN Rut Rifles | Build A Custom Rifle Online At
Custom Hunting Rifles From IN Rut Rifles |
Custom Hunting Rifles From IN Rut Rifles | Why In Rut Rifles? We Guarantee 1/2" MOA Accuracy Up To 100 Yards
Custom Hunting Rifles From IN Rut Rifles |
Custom Hunting Rifles From IN Rut Rifles | Check Out Our Long Range Shooting Blog

NEW* Carbon Chassis Rifles

Custom Hunting Rifles, 6+ LB Rifle W/ 1/2″ MOA Guaranteed!

Carbon Chassis

1/2" MOA


1000+ YARDS






Check out the New Full Curl CF!

Questions about IN RUT custom hunting rifles build?

The length of time to complete a custom rifle depends on the availability of the necessary parts. Once all required parts are at IN-RUT Rifles the time usually runs around 2-5 months.

IN-RUT Rifles offers several final finishes on the metallic parts. Not only can we polish your rifle to a high gloss, we can also bead blast it for a more matte appearance. We also offer Cera-Kote finishing. With Cera-Kote, almost any color is possible, from tactical to standard to crazy and bizarre. Stock finishes include clear coating on standard stocks as well as laminate stocks.

IN-RUT Rifles suggest you decide what the rifle will be primarily used for. Once you’ve decided this, it aids in building the rifle that would best suit your needs. We will gladly build the rifle to your specs.

We are confident  in our rifles and that is why we guarantee a 1/2-inch, 3-shot group at 100 yards with every In-Rut model and every rifle that goes out the door. A photo of the target is included for proof of accuracy.

Yes we do! Thread Protector for High Performance Muzzle Brake (minimum) add $150.00
– Suppressors coming soon

Custom Rifle ordering a 50% deposit is required at the time of order on all custom rifles. Delivery times will vary depending on workload, material availability, and season. Please call for an estimate.

Rifle Shipping Packaging All rifles will be shipped in a quality plastic hard case whenever possible $150.00 Shipping Charges UPS including insurance approximately.

Any rifle purchased in which IN-RUT Rifles supplies the action must ship to a federally licensed Firearms Dealer in your home state. You can ship your rifle directly to us for any repair, and we can ship directly back to you, provided you are the owner of the firearm.

Yes, we can. We are a dealer for the following scope companies; Burris and Zeiss. We can also mount, sight-in and shoot your rifle for an additional fee of $350.

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