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IN-RUT Rifles knows what it takes to rifle hunt in the backcountry. IN-RUT Manufactures Custom Bolt Action Rifles to your specs, we don’t offer ready-to-ship rifles because everyone’s hunting situation is different. Each IN-RUT custom bolt action rifle is unique to the customers specifications, sighted-in and tuned before it’s shipped to you. IN-RUT will also assemble and mount all your accessories to your custom long range hunting rifle. We back our work by a limited lifetime warranty and outstanding customer support.


IN-RUT Typical Light Mountain Rifle

1000+ YRDS

1/2" MOA

6.5+ LBS

REG PRICE $3,850


1000+ YRDS

1/2" MOA

7+ LBS

FROM $4,650


Long Range Rifles | Custom Hunting Rifles | IN-RUT Rifles

1000+ YRDS

1/2" MOA

8+ LBS

FROM $4,750


Full Curl Lightweight Hunting Rifle | IN-RUT Rifles | 2019 Deer Season Dates

1000+ YRDS

1/2" MOA

6 - 6.5 LBS

FROM $4,950


Lightweight Carbon Fiber Rifles | Precision Rifles From IN-RUT Rifles

1000+ YRDS

1/2" MOA

6 - 6.5 LBS

FROM $5,850

ZEISS Conquest V6 Riflescope

ZEISS Riflescopes

Zeiss Rifle Scopes from Carl Zeiss Sports Optics deliver unmatched precision for the crucial moment. With top-performing optics and amazingly innovative ballistic concepts, these sighting instruments take things to a different level. ZEISS Hunting Optics provide a brilliant view of the game along with extreme amounts of sharpness and contrast.

Eastmans IN-RUT Review

Hunters often want to cut weight and improve the accuracy of a hunting rifle. In-Rut Rifles has just the gun for the job. This review, Scott Reekers highlights the custom features of a 6.5 PRC In-Rut rifle.

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Custom Bolt Action Rifles by IN-RUT

At IN-RUT Rifles, we specialize in extremely accurate custom bolt action rifles built on the Remington Model 700 and Defiance Rebel bolt-action. With a keen eye towards weight, performance, and looks, we don’t shave any corners to jeopardize the one shot you need to get the job done. The goal of IN-RUT Rifles is to give you a custom rifle at an affordable price.

With originality, quality and accuracy, IN-RUT Rifles – remains committed to its primary goal of providing the shooting sports industry with innovative products and services, using world-class manufacturing techniques and proprietary technology. Setting our custom rifle quality, accuracy, and service standards higher than our competition ensures that you, the customer, receive the highest quality custom hunting rifle available anywhere.

When you combine our trued custom Remington 700 and Defiance Rebel bolt action, Jewel trigger, carbon fiber stocks, cut rifled stainless match grade barrels and your choice of six Cerakote color finishes, you’re getting the best hunting and custom tactical rifle available. So the next time you head into the field for that trophy of your dreams, make sure you have the IN-RUT Advantage.

Custom Hunting Rifles | Long Range Hunting Rifles | In Rut Rifles


The Non-Typical is the ultimate long range hunting rifle. This hunting rifle is designed to meet the needs of the long range shooters and hunters. The barrel contour allows for stability and heat dispensation but still light enough to pack into a remote area.

Long Range Rifles With 1/2" MOA | In Rut Rifles


We guarantee that all custom rifles we produce will shoot 1/2″ MOA at 100 yards in 30 caliber or smaller and 1″ MOA at 100 yards anything over 30 caliber. We shoot every custom rifle before it leaves our facility.