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German Precision Optics

GPO has a unique corporate structure that allows us to build higher-quality products with better features at similar prices or similar-quality products at better prices. German Precision Optics products are built to our high-quality standards in some of the largest global production facilities in the world. All GPO designs, engineering, and quality management is done internally in Germany.

GPOTAC 6X 4.5-27x50i

GPOTAC 6X 4.5-27x50i

Elevate your tactical precision with the GPOTAC 4.5-27x50i FFP Scope. With zero-stop locking turrets, illuminated mil-based reticles, and cutting-edge optics, it’s a must-have for high-magnification tactical applications.

GPOTAC 8X 2.5-20x50i

This tactical riflescope was designed for the most serious optical users who need an optic that performs at the highest level. Built on a 34mm main tube and packed with industry-best glass components, its magnifying mil radiant reticle is located in the first focal plane.

PASSION 3X 4-12x50i

Experience the ultimate versatility with the GPO PASSION 4-12X50i Illuminated Riflescope. Packed with incredible features, this ultra-premium optic offers an industry-leading field of view, iCONTROL illuminated micro-dot reticle technology, quick-adjust turrets, fast focus ocular, and generous eye relief. With finger-adjustable turrets and precise 1/4 MOA adjustments, this compact riflescope delivers unmatched performance.

SPECTRA 8X 2-16x44i

SPECTRA 8X 2-16x44i

Discover the ultimate versatility with the GPO SPECTRA 8X 2-16×44 Super-Zoom Riflescope. Designed to outperform other European brands, this mid-sized scope features an extreme magnification range and a usable 44mm objective lens, making it suitable for any shooting situation. With a G4i illuminated reticle, DoubleHD objective lens technology, iCONTROL illumination, and PASSIONtrac turrets, this riflescope provides unmatched performance. Experience the reliability and quality backed by the industry-leading Spectacular Lifetime Warranty.

GPO Lifetime Warranty

GPO, USA is 100% confident that all our products will not only function perfectly but will exceed your expectations. Therefore, GPO, USA has created an industry leading Spectacular Lifetime Warranty. With outstanding professional service, we will take care of our products before, during and after your purchase at no charge to you, EVER. If your product is not functioning properly, GPO, USA will repair or replace it with a product in perfect working condition.* We at GPO know that you have chosen to trust us by purchasing one of our premium products and we understand that this trust is important. The GPO, USA Spectacular Lifetime Warranty applies to every GPO product bought in the United States, no matter where you purchased it, no matter how long you have had it. In addition to this “best in class” service, GPO trusts our retail partners to also service your needs. If you prefer to return a damaged or non-functioning GPO product to the retailer where you have purchased your optic, GPO authorizes the retailer to replace your item “on the spot”. This level of service is unsurpassed in the industry. Trust in GPO. You will not be disappointed.

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Fully transferable
  • No warranty card registration required
  • No proof of purchase required

* Replacement product will be of equal or greater value. The GPO, USA Spectacular Lifetime Warranty does not cover loss, theft, deliberate damage, or cosmetic damage that is the result of neglect or intentional misuse. Electronic components within optical products carry a five-year full coverage warranty on the electronic components, and the SPECTACULAR LIFETIME WARRANTY applies to all other product parts. 

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