2019 Utah Elk Season Dates

2019 Utah Elk Season Dates

Please note that these Utah Elk Season Dates are from Utah’s Department of Wildlife’s website and that you should double check before hunting!
General archery any bull elk (hunter’s choice)
Aug. 17–Sept. 13
General archery spike elk (hunter’s choice)
Aug. 17–Sept. 6
General any legal weapon (rifle) spike and any bull elk
Oct. 5–17
General muzzleloader elk
Oct. 30–Nov. 7
Youth general (rifle) any bull elk
Sept. 14–22

Utah Walk-In Access For Elk Hunting

A Walk-in Access (WIA) property is an area of private land on which the Division of Wildlife Resources has leased hunting, trapping or fishing privileges for those with an easily obtained authorization number.

Landowners enrolled in the WIA program receive monetary compensation based upon suitable habitat and wildlife, the amount of land, and the length of time the land or water is enrolled in the program. In addition to monetary payments, some landowners may also qualify for habitat restoration projects designed to attract and benefit wildlife species.

In most cases, access to WIA properties is limited to foot traffic only unless the landowner specifically designates roads for vehicle travel.

The Division will provide discretionary conservation officer patrols and liability coverage under Utah State law.

View Walk-In Access Properties

Regulations For All Bull Elk Hunts

The following regulations apply to all of Utah’s bull elk hunts. Hunter orange Utah Code § 23-20-31 Utah’s hunter orange regulations changed this year. You are required to obey the state’s hunter orange laws unless your hunt is among the exceptions. For example, archery and muzzleloader hunters are not required to wear hunter orange unless the other hunts occurring in the area are for general-season any legal weapon buck deer or bull elk.

Utah General Season Archery Elk Hunts

Utah’s general-season archery spike elk hunt runs from Aug. 17–Sept. 6, 2019. The general-season archery any bull elk hunt runs
from Aug. 17–Sept. 13, 2019, except on the state’s extended archery areas, where the season runs later into the year. If you obtain a general-season archery elk permit, you may use archery equipment to take only one of the following animals:

  • One elk of either sex on a general-season any bull elk unit
  • An antlerless elk or a spike bull elk on a general-season spike bull elk unit
  • Only a spike bull on the Book Cliffs unit
  • One elk of either sex on the extended archery elk areas.

Utah General Season Elk Hunting Dates

Utah’s general-season any legal weapon elk hunt consists of the any bull elk hunt and the spike bull elk hunt. These hunts run from
Oct. 5–17, 2019. To hunt during the general-season elk hunt, you must obtain either a spike bull permit or any bull permit. If you obtain a general-season any legal weapon bull elk permit, you may use any legal weapon to take your bull elk. You may use a crossbow, an airgun, a draw lock or a muzzleloader.

If you obtain a spike bull elk permit, you may take a spike bull elk on a general-season spike bull elk unit. You may not hunt on the
any bull elk units.

Utah Parks & Wildlife Website

2019 Elk Season Dates

Looking for the 2019 – 2020 elk season dates for your state, or looking to travel for the best out of state elk hunt? IN-RUT Rifles has compiled a list of all states cow and bull elk season dates to better assist you to plan your next in state or out of state elk hunt! Please note that these elk season dates are from each states department of wildlife’s website and that you should double-check before hunting!

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