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1 Off Custom Rifle Stocks

IN-RUT custom rifle stocks are built one at a time from the highest quality. IN-RUT rifle stocks are built one at a time from the highest quality. We start by pillar bedding every stock and are machined specifically to the dimensions of the barreled action it will be used with. Both sides of the mold are hand laminated with Kevlar, fiberglass, and carbon fiber. We use an abundant amount of these materials for added strength and durability. Next, we inject the mold with a proprietary mixture of a dense polyurethane foam material.

Length Of Pull

Length of pull is the distance from the trigger to the back of the buttpad. Getting the right length of pull is a great option for those of us that feel the ‘average’ fit just isn’t good enough. An excellent option for ladies and younger shooters too!

Recoil Reducer Add-On

Mercury filled device for excellent recoil reduction installed into any IN-RUT, Bell & Carlson and HS Precision stock. (Adds weight to the buttstock.)

IN-RUT Sporter Stock | Custom Rifle Stocks
Custom Bell & Carlson Stocks | Custom Rifle Stocks

Custom Bell & Carlson Stocks

The quest for the lightest hunting stock that does not sacrifice accuracy stops here. Bell & Carlson Stocks provides all the ruggedness of a standard Medalist at a fraction of the weight. Bell & Carlson stocks are constructed of Bell and Carlson’s proprietary composite material wrapped around aluminum bedding pillars. The Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad that is fitted on this stock provides a length of pull of 13.5″. The barrel channel on this stock is for lightweight barrels only.

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