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    Huskemaw Rifle Scopes

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Huskemaw Rifle Scopes

Huskemaw Optics was founded out of necessity. Technological advances were being made in the shooting and hunting world, but rifle scopes were lagging. The “Huskemaw Advantage” is best described as the most precise, fast and user-friendly system pre-validated in a known environment. The Huskemaw scopes are built to withstand years of use and provide reliable functionality in all field conditions.

Huskemaw HuntSmart Reticle

The design is simple, yet functional used in tandem with the BDC turrets. The same principals apply to all HO scopes models however differences do exist and are explained in detail in this manual. The wind holds with corresponding MOA values are unique to Huskemaw and are patent protected. This key asset is utilized by dialing to a known distance, then holding for wind deflection as indicated on the turret directly above the elevation number. It is as simple as ranging for distance, dial appropriate yardage and hold for wind as applicable.

Customized Huskemaw BDC Turret

This turret is an elevation turret which is calibrated in yards rather than the standard MOA indicator marks. This turret is both simple and precise because it has been validated with actual drop data that has been shot in the field in a known environment. The precision aspect of each turret is proven by utilizing a number of factors to include elevation, temperature, true ballistic coefficient and muzzle velocity. In summary, every turret is laser engraved to match the actual trajectory of an individual rifle and load based on the click value of the scope.

Windage Enabled

As mentioned above, the Huskemaw BDC (bullet drop compensator) turret is the only windage enabled turret in the industry. Huskemaw Optics uses patented wind compensation technology and when applied to the Hunt Smart Reticle becomes a RFBC (Rapid Field Ballistic Compensator) turret. Without question, this is the most reliable, quick and precise tool for wind compensation in a variety of field conditions. Huskemaw Optics has available a DVD “How To Dope The Wind Beyond Belief” that provides many tips, techniques and tools for gaining knowledge to become proficient at long range in wind.

TrueBC / Field Data Collection Process (patent pending)

This program was the first to use an online process for ordering a turret. The process is explained in detail in section 2 of this manual. As a precursor to more detail, the obtainment of actual drop data by shooting in the field in a known environment provides the necessary data for your windage enabled RFBC turret. Suffice to say, Huskemaw will engrave your turret to match the exact ballistic profile of that rifle and load. This creates a turret that is simple, yet precise in a variety of field applications and environments.

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