In-Rut Advantage

I can’t believe how accurate this rifle is! Great trigger and a very well put together  rifle. This is a trophy of a lifetime and thanks to IN-RUT rifles for an accurate rifle that took this trophy mule deer at 1,000 yards.


I bought this rifle and ever since I have owned it it has shot great  living up too its accuracy guarantee. I shot this deer at 805 yards and the bullet was exactly where I was aiming. I want to thank the guys at IN-RUT rifles for a great rifle that I can rely on and the quality is near too none. I will buy many more in the near future!

Jeff W.

My mule deer hunt was a success because the boys at IN-RUT rifles made me a great gun to take my trophy mule deer at 725 yards! The quality of this gun exceeds my expectations and it really does punch three holes into one!

Mark D.